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Our Prime Asset situated in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, the UAE offers a wealth of attraction for those seeking adventure, mystique and increased buying power.
This richness has translated into rapid growth for Belhasa, Tourism, Travel & Cargo Co. L.L.C. established in 1996. Belhasa Tourism Travel & Cargo has developed into a well organised global Tour Company as Belhasa presents the Emirates like no one else. Belhasa is a unique and complete experiences. Stength
A member of the Belhasa Group of Companies, a truly international group with other subsidiaries dealing in trade and manufacturing Belhasa boasts a number of highly qualified, experienced, multilingual staff making it by far the most reliable and most innovative Travel, Tourism & Cargo Company in the UAE.
Dubai Hub of Our World
Belhasa's office is located in Al Makhtoum St., facing the Clock Tower round about, one of Dubai's most famous and prestigious landmarks. The office has a sophisticated global communications network online to suppliers, hotels and agents, overseas around the clock. The U.A.E is and will remain a popular destination for tourists & businessmen alike. Today the UAE offers its visitors even greater attractions in competitive prices and superior services. The intelligent traveler can take advantage of this opportunity.
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